United Worldwide Private Car Service including airport transfers and executive travel

Joseph Mulkern

 April 2009 – Joseph Mulkern joined united worldwide in 2007 as a Professional Chauffeur. Joe comes to united worldwide with 17 years of industry experience. As our most senior chauffeur he consistently greets our clients with a top level of service and goes above and beyond for each and every traveler.

Joe is a “people person” and takes great pleasure in meeting new people every day. In his years of experience he understands that dependability is of top priority for travelers. “They have to know you will be there for them at any time under any conditions. Today especially, with all that is going on you have to take very good care of all of your clients”, says Mulkern.
Joe makes a point to not only be on-time but to be early for his scheduled trips and to be ready to go in a “showroom quality car, neatly dressed, and ready to perform all phases of the assignment". He always maps out his routes prior to arriving on location and is prepared with alternate routes in the event of unforeseen traffic or weather conditions that may delay the clients travel. When asked of Joe, “What is one thing you could recommend to clients as a professional chauffeur that you think is commonly overlooked”, he replies by stating, “Always allow extra time to get to places in the event there are accidents or lines at security that will cause tardy arrivals or missing appointments”.